"Shop with purpose! For every purchase, we donate a period product to women"

About Us

My name is Shandelle. I am a mother of 2 and my husband works over seas- for 14 years now. My passion is to help others. I believe in compassion and kindness. 
I want to be the change I wish to see in the world.
With this business I want to change women's lives overseas.
Sustainability + Gender equality
Bee- Empowering was founded in 2019 in Canada. The company has two clear values and missions; to contribute to increased gender equality and reduce consumption.
We have a 80% less carbon footprint then most other companies as we ship straight from the supplier- avoiding multiple shipments for logos and advertisements.
We are about helping others and providing great products.
We follow the One for One business Model.
Each Product that is bought the exact product is collected and will be hand delivered to those in need in the country of Papua New Guinea.
With your help we are now able to hire local Papua New Guinea peoples to be trained to teach about
-How to use the products
-How to clean the products
-Importance of health and Sanitary uses of the products.
We are partnered with KOBIO Aviation in Papua New Guinea, and we will be flying our employees to remote locations to educate and provide products thanks to you!

With love,
Bee- Empowering & Team